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The gasoline generator set is composed of a gasoline engine, a small synchronous alternator, and a control system, which converts the mechanical energy output by a gasoline engine into electrical energy output by a small generator. Its working principle can be simply summarized as gasoline combustion generates heat energy, drives the piston connecting rod mechanism of a small engine, makes the crankshaft rotate and do work to generate mechanical energy, drives the armature of the small generator to rotate, and cuts the stator magnetic field to generate electrical energy. Therefore, the gasoline generator set can be regarded as a small mobile power station of the "engine-generator" type.

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    Structure and working principle:

    The generator usually consists of a stator, rotor, end cap, and bearing.
    The stator consists of a stator core, wire winding, frame, and other structural parts fixing these parts.
    The rotor consists of rotor core (or magnetic pole, magnetic choke) winding, protection ring, central ring, slip ring, fan, and rotating shaft components.
    The stator and rotor of the generator are connected and assembled by the bearing and the end cover, so that the rotor can rotate in the stator and do the motion of cutting the magnetic field lines, thus producing the induced potential, which is led out by the terminal and connected in the loop, and the current is generated.

    Specific product introduction:

    3KW small gasoline generator for single hand start, using unleaded gasoline, four-stroke, small volume, large displacement, large rated current, optional wheels, easy to move, long working time, can work continuously for about 10 hours. Low noise, less sound than a diesel generator, does not affect the normal working environment, excellent combustion rate produces high economic benefits so that this gasoline generator is very fuel-efficient, stable automatic voltage regulation system and oil warning system, you can rest assured to use, insulation grade F.


    1. the new design panel, is a simple operation.
    2. High-quality OHV engine, integrated, stable power generation, higher quality, durable.
    3. Low carbon energy saving, high combustion rate, fuel saving, stable.
    4. The body is strong, not easy to deform, mechanical seal, a reasonable size design, optimizes the internal structure layout.


    What is a gasoline generator?
    A gasoline generator is an engine-powered electrical device that produces electricity from the burning of gasoline.
    How does a gasoline generator work?
    A gasoline generator has an internal combustion engine which converts the fuel into mechanical energy. This energy is then converted to electrical energy by utilizing a generator.
    What can a gasoline generator be used for?
    Gasoline generators are most commonly used to provide emergency power during times of power outages, but they can also be used to supply power when no other source is available.
    Are gasoline generators expensive?
    The cost of a gasoline generator can vary depending on size, output capacity and features. Generally speaking they are more affordable than many other types of portable power generators.
    Are there any safety considerations with using a gasoline generator?
    Yes, there are some safety considerations with using a gasoline generator. It is important to keep it in a well ventilated area and ensure that it is securely grounded.
    What type of maintenance does a gasoline generator require?
    Proper maintenance includes changing the oil and air filters at least once a year, checking and topping up the levels of coolant and lubricants regularly, as well as cleaning the spark plugs.
    Is there a limit to how long I can run a gasoline generator?
    Generally speaking you should never run a gasoline generator continuously for more than eight hours. If it needs to be used for extended periods of time, take breaks every eight hours to let the machine cool down.
    What type of fuel do gasoline generators use?
    Gasoline generators typically use unleaded gasoline or propane. Unleaded gasoline is the most common type of fuel used in portable generators, while propane is another popular option.