- Water Pump

Gasoline pump is a centrifugal pump. Working principle of centrifugal pump is filled with water in the pump case, the motor drives the impeller rotation, resulting in a centrifugal force, the water in the impeller, under the action of centrifugal force to jilt to peripheral flow into the pump shell, so the impeller center reduced pressure, the pressure is lower than the water tube, under the action of water on the pressure difference by suction tank into the impeller. So the pump can continue to absorb water and continue to supply water. Main applications: agricultural drainage and irrigation, industrial drainage and other equipment.

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Factory Introduction

Chongqing Hezhicheng Power(General Machinery).Established in 2013, originally specialized in small generators, and our small motor was elected among “Chongqing High-tech Products” for many times. Relying on our advantages in the R&D and manufacturing of core components like small motors, we have gradually extended to the terminal application field of the general power machinery industry and now formed a complete industrial chain from parts to terminal products. The company has also built partnerships and continued to sell products in nearly 100 countries and regions, and set up a number of subsidiaries overseas to expand the international market.

Our Advantages

Quality advantage :

Using standardized processing technology, strict control when leaving the factory, quality assurance

Innovation advantage :

According to the market demand, with advanced technology and modern management, keep innovation, research and development of new products, new process

Service advantage :

Respect customers, understand customers, constantly create new value for customers, sincere service to every customer

Operation advantage :

Under the premise of high quality, the price is more competitive, and customers win-win, common development

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    1. Equipped with aluminum alloy pump body which makes the water pump stronger but lighter.
    2. Rust-proof pump body makes sure long lasting life.
    3. Balance between flow and lift, both are realized to the maximum.
    4. Cast iron volute and impeller. Shock absorb, stable performance,easily operating and top crossbeam for protection.
    5. CE, EUV, GS certifications approved.
    6. Waterproof design, challenges toughest environment


    1. large flow self-priming pump adopts advanced tax profit model, with high efficiency, mechanical seal, dynamic and static ring made of hard alloy, wear-resistant and leak-free, longer service life.
    2. Advanced and reasonable structure, high efficiency, good cavitation performance, small vibration, low noise.
    3. Smooth operation, reliable and convenient assembly and disassembly, etc.
    4. The ordinary petrol water pump makes a little more noise.

    Gasoline pump maintenance

    1. Change the oil: For the first use, change the oil after the first month or after 20 hours of use, and then every six months or after 300 hours.
    2. Air filter oil maintenance:Clean the filter element with non-combustible or high-ignition point solution and dry it thoroughly; Then dip the filter element into the clean oil, squeeze out the excess oil, and reinstall.
    3. Spark plug maintenance:Visually check the spark plug for obvious wear or breach of the insulation ring. If there is a problem, replace the spark plug with a new one. Measure the spark plug gap with the plug gauge, the gap is 0.70-0.80mm. If not, the electrode should be adjusted to correct the gap and remove the carbon deposit.
    4. Storage:If the gasoline pump is not used for a long time, close the oil inlet valve of the carburetor first and let the pump of the gasoline engine shut off automatically when it is stopped for the last time (if it is not used for a long time, the gasoline stored in the carburetor will damage the carburetor). Clean the impeller chamber with clean water from the inlet pipe until the sediment is removed. Finally, the remaining fuel oil in the tank is released into a special container for proper preservation. The machine is stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place.