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Chongqing HZC Power, as one of the leading generator factory and supplier of general machinery products in Chonqing,China, we have served thousands of customers, and help them achieve their business. we warmly welcome to contact us, and wholesale our products with good price, best service, fast shipping and OEM & ODM available.

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Factory Introduction

Chongqing Hezhicheng Power(General Machinery).Established in 2013, originally specialized in small generators, and our small motor was elected among “Chongqing High-tech Products” for many times. Relying on our advantages in the R&D and manufacturing of core components like small motors, we have gradually extended to the terminal application field of the general power machinery industry and now formed a complete industrial chain from parts to terminal products. The company has also built partnerships and continued to sell products in nearly 100 countries and regions, and set up a number of subsidiaries overseas to expand the international market.

Our Advantages

Quality advantage :

Using standardized processing technology, strict control when leaving the factory, quality assurance

Innovation advantage :

According to the market demand, with advanced technology and modern management, keep innovation, research and development of new products, new process

Service advantage :

Respect customers, understand customers, constantly create new value for customers, sincere service to every customer

Operation advantage :

Under the premise of high quality, the price is more competitive, and customers win-win, common development

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    Frequently Asked Question

    The difference between variable frequency generator and ordinary generator?
    1) The intensity of the generator is different, the frequency conversion generator in the allowable range can be arbitrary speed, the motor is not easy to damage. Ordinary generator operation range conditions are limited, the motor is easy to heat.
    2) The sound is different when running. The frequency conversion generator can adjust the current output, so the sound is not loud when running. Ordinary generators operate at a constant speed and are loud when running.
    3) The internal insulation material is different, frequency conversion generator due to withstand high frequency magnetic field, so the insulation level is higher, ordinary generator insulation level is lower. This distinction applies to mainstream brands such as Cummins, Yamaha and Honda.
    Which is more durable, frequency conversion generator or ordinary generator?
    Variable frequency generator and the traditional generators, inverter generators, first of all, consume fuel output of inferior alternating current (usually) fossil fuels such as diesel or gasoline, propane, and then convert current into dc power, then "inverted" back to the high quality of the ac power, so it can to maintain the current is proportional to the single-phase and pure sine wave.
    Compared with the traditional generator, the variable frequency generator has the advantages of low noise, light weight, small displacement, small volume, low fuel consumption and more stable voltage. The variable frequency generator has high fuel efficiency and stable output waveform, so it is very suitable for running some precision and expensive instruments (such as mobile phones, air conditioners, TELEVISIONS, microwave ovens and other products).
    One of the advantages of variable frequency generator is that the motor speed can be adjusted to change the output, which can further improve fuel efficiency and save power generation costs. Conventional generators have a fixed power output, which means their operating noise, fuel consumption and power output remain the same whether or not they are fully loaded. However, the frequency conversion generator will adjust its output according to the power of the terminal connected electrical appliances, so as to reduce energy consumption and working noise. Frequency conversion generator Z high power in thousands of watts, so the power of the generator price compared to the traditional generator will be higher.
    It is worth noting that the same power frequency conversion generator often has more advantages than the traditional generator starting capacity and current quality? For example, the frequency conversion generator also uses the generator with rated output power of 2000W to start the air conditioner with 1.5P (rated power of about 1200W, starting power of about 1800W~2400W). High quality variable frequency generator can start, traditional generator can not start. In fact, we need about 3,000 watts of conventional generators to start the air conditioner.
    Because a lot of kind of work, industry, crowd cannot leave "electricity", be in so when electric power is unstable or power failure, our frequency conversion lnverter generator can play big role, it appears as a backup power supply. The portable inverter generator’s applicationfalls into two broad categories, Industrial and civil use.
    The inverter gasoline generator set is a kind of power generation equipment with a wide range and a very important position. It has been widely used in all sectors of national economy.In forest areas, pastoral areas, mining areas and national defense projects where municipal power cannot reach, gasoline generator sets can be used as independent power sources to provide lighting and power electricity.
    In the mains power supply unit and the area, when the power supply requirements is very high, do not allow the power outage or need as soon as possible to restore power, such as power plants, high-rise buildings, railway stations, hospitals, hotels and Banks.
    Best 2000 watt generator can be used as emergency standby power, once the mains power failure, can quickly provide the stability of the ac power.
    Inverter generator for sale set in the telecommunication system is usually used as backup power for emergency communication, emergency repair or small access network room and small PHS room. The 2000 watt portable generator as the inverter generator for sale can be used to power TV, decoder, fan, computer, microwave, small fridge ,camping and lighting.
    1. Portable inverter special structure and excellent technology, long running time.
    2. Clean and stable electricity output, the 2000 watt inverter generator is ultra silent, Rugged, durable, fashionable and portable.
    3. 2000 watt portable generator use overhead valve (OHV) design, lower operation temperature, powerful drive, and reliability and durability,and more fuel-effiecent.
    4. 2kva inverter generator adopt the best cast iron casing, it does not only effectively improve lubrication but also makes the engine more wear-resistant and prolongs engine life.
    5. Portable generator automatic alarm and stop at low oil level, which prevents the engine to work at low oil level and gives more protection to the engine.

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