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Gasoline generator welding dual-use integrated machine is the fusion of generator and welding machine in one, to achieve dual-use function. In many cases will use generator welding machine, the generator welding machine is not only used in life, in hospitals, real estate, banks, hotels and other places, in the industrial application is also very wide. Including some field work is also often used welding generator, such as road, railway construction, mining and so on. Generally speaking, welding generator is used for backup power supply, and it plays a very important role in the history of human industrial development. Especially some developed countries and regions, the frequency of the use of welding generator with home frequent.

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Chongqing Hezhicheng Power(General Machinery).Established in 2013, originally specialized in small generators, and our small motor was elected among “Chongqing High-tech Products” for many times. Relying on our advantages in the R&D and manufacturing of core components like small motors, we have gradually extended to the terminal application field of the general power machinery industry and now formed a complete industrial chain from parts to terminal products. The company has also built partnerships and continued to sell products in nearly 100 countries and regions, and set up a number of subsidiaries overseas to expand the international market.

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Using standardized processing technology, strict control when leaving the factory, quality assurance

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According to the market demand, with advanced technology and modern management, keep innovation, research and development of new products, new process

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Respect customers, understand customers, constantly create new value for customers, sincere service to every customer

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Under the premise of high quality, the price is more competitive, and customers win-win, common development

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    Advantages of Permanent Magnet Medium Frequency Welding Generator

    350A gasoline welding generator at the same time with generator and welding, welding generator structure is very simple, is a high-power transformer, welding generally according to the type of output power can be divided into two kinds, one is communication power supply; One is direct current. Is made of the principle of the use of inductance, inductance on and off when the attack of infinite voltage changes, the use of positive and negative north and south in a short circuit when the attack of high voltage arc to melt the solder electrode, to make their contact intention. In fact, it is a transformer with external characteristics of the drop, the 220V and 380V communication into low voltage DC, welding generally according to the type of output power can be divided into two kinds, one is communication power; One is direct current.

    The comparison between Power Frequency and Medium Frequency at the same time

    1. The frequency of the traditional power frequency welder is 50Hz, but the permanent magnet motor can send 500-600Hz medium frequency current and the current is converted into the DC current by the rectifier control system. The DC current is required by welding. At the same time, medium frequency welder has stronger melting capacity and greater current.
    2. For welder, the medium frequency welder has better effect, for example, the welding is more smooth and continuous. It can be used on any welding rod, including argon arc welding. But power frequency welding machines can only be used for rough welding. Medium frequency welding machine belongs to middle and high grade welding machine, especially suitable for pipeline and railway engineering.