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23KW-50HZ  NG/LPG/Gasoline Generator

  1. A permanently installed HZC home backup generator protects your home automatically. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel, as well as Gasoline. It’s outside just like a central air conditioning unit. A home backup generator delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up your entire home or just the most essential items.
  2. Generators provide a flexible and efficient solution to your power needs natural gas, LPG and gasoline are readily available energy sources that burn cleaner and more efficiently than conventional fuels. These generators are designed to extract optimal energy from the fuel, ensuring maximum power output while minimizing wastage. This efficiency translates into cost savings as well, making Tri-fuel generators a smart investment for any household.

Product Description

Product Features:

  • Technologically advanced Remote Wifi Controller
  • Stand-alone robust Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Tri-fuel Capability: Propane & Natural Gas& Gasoline
  • High-end Liquid-Cooled Engine: Liquid Cooled Engines are Longer-lasting &continuous duty (24h Operation) with true prime power. Standard Air-Cooled Engines are not as long-lasting or efficient as Liquid Cooled Engines.
  • Auto/Manual/Shutdown
  • Mains Voltage Detection
  • Alternator Voltage Detection
  • Low Oil Protection
  • Over Frequency Protection
  • Low-Frequency Protection


Fuel TypeGasoline/LPG/NGGasoline/LPG/NGGasoline/LPG/NGGasoline/LPG/NG
Rated Power( Gasoline)15kW[18.8kVA]20kW   [25kVA]17kW[21.2kVA]23.2kW   [29kVA]
Rated Power ( LPG)17.6kW[22kVA]23kW  [28.8kVA]20kW[25kVA]27kW  [34kVA]
Rated Power (NG)16kW[20kVA]22kW  [27.5kVA]20kW[25kVA]25.6kW  [32kVA]
Frequency (HZ)50506060
Rated Voltage (V)230   [230/400]230   [230/400]120/240  [120/208]120/240  [120/208]
Rated CurrentGasoline76.5[31.9]100  [41.7]83.3[69.4]112.5  [94.4]
Rated CurrentLPG69.6[29]95.7  [39.9]83.3[69.4]106.7  [88.9]
Rated CurrentNG65.2[27.2]87  [36.2]70.8[59]96.7 [80.6]
Engine/Alternator RPMrpm3000300036003600
Engine Part #465QRCG12465QRCG12
Displacement (cc)99812169981216
Cooling SystemLiquid CoolingLiquid CoolingLiquid CoolingLiquid Cooling
CanopyPowder coatingPowder coatingPowder coatingPowder coating
Protection LevelIP 23IP 23IP 23IP 23
Noise at Normal Speed,23ft7M  dB(A)67706973
Gasoline Consumption 100% Load  gal/hr(L/hr)2.27(8.6)2.48(9.4)2.46(9.3)2.9(11)
LPG Consumption 100% Load  ft3/hr(m3/hr)105.94(3.0)141.3(4.0)134.2(3.8)151.9(4.3)
NG Consumption 100% load ft3/hr(m3/hr)201.3(5.7)265.6(7.52)229.5(6.5)286(8.1)
Unit Dimension (L×W×H)  in/mm50.79×32.5×36.7 / 1290×825×93250.79×32.5×37 / 1290×825×94050.79×32.5×37 / 1290×825×94050.79×32.5×37 / 1290×825×940
Net Weight ( kg)405422410425
20/40HQ Container (UNITS)20/4020/4020/4020/40