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6KW-50HZ Air Cooled Generator

  1. The small household gas-powered air-cooled generator set is a compact and efficient power generation solution designed specifically for residential use. It is equipped with a reliable gas engine and an air-cooled system, ensuring stable performance and efficient heat dissipation.
  2. With its compact size and lightweight design, this generator set is easy to install and suitable for small homes or apartments. It provides a convenient backup power supply during power outages, ensuring uninterrupted electricity for essential appliances and devices.

Product Description

Product Features:

  • Technologically advanced Remote Wifi Controller
  • Stand-alone robust Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Dual Fuel Capability: Propane & Natural Gas
  • Auto/Manual/Shutdown
  • Mains Voltage Detection
  • Alternator Voltage Detection
  • Low Oil Protection
  • Over Frequency Protection
  • Low-Frequency Protection


Fuel TypeLPG/NG
Rated PoweredLPG6KW[7.5KVA]
Rated PoweredNG5.5KW[6.9KVA]
Rated PowerGasoline
Frequency (HZ)50
Rated Voltage (V)230   [230/400]
Engine/Alternator RPMrpm3000
Engine Part #192FD
Cooling SystemAir Cooling
Displacement (cc)440
Protection LevelIP 23
Noise at Normal Speed,7M 68 dB(A)
Nunit Dimension (L×W×H)  /mm1067×700×688
Net Weight ( kg)155