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30KW-60HZ  NG/LPG/Gasoline Generator

  1. The dual-fuel silent generator is a versatile power generation machine that operates on both gasoline and gas fuels. It is designed to provide efficient and reliable power supply while maintaining minimal noise levels.
  2. This generator features a robust and durable construction, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Its dual-fuel capability allows users to switch between gasoline and gas fuels according to their preference or availability. The seamless transition between fuel types ensures continuous power supply without interruptions.

Product Description

Product Features:

  • Technologically advanced Remote Wifi Controller
  • Stand-alone robust Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Tri-fuel Capability: Propane & Natural Gas& Gasoline
  • High-end Liquid-Cooled Engine: Liquid Cooled Engines are Longer-lasting &continuous duty (24h Operation) with true prime power. Standard Air-Cooled Engines are not as long-lasting or efficient as Liquid Cooled Engines.
  • Auto/Manual/Shutdown
  • Mains Voltage Detection
  • Alternator Voltage Detection
  • Low Oil Protection
  • Over Frequency Protection
  • Low-Frequency Protection


Fuel TypeGasoline/LPG/NGGasoline/LPG/NG
Rated Power( Gasoline)30kW  [37.5kVA]32kW  [40kVA]
Rated Power ( LPG)30kW  [37.5kVA]30kW  [37.5kVA]
Rated Power (NG)28kW   [35kVA]28kW   [35kVA]
Frequency (HZ)5060
Rated Voltage (V)230   [230/400]120/240  [120/208]
Rated Current(Gasoline)130.4 [54.3]133.3  [111.1]
Rated Current(LPG)130.4 [54.3]125  [104.2]
Rated Current(NG)121.7  [50.7]116.7 [97.2]
Engine/Alternator RPM(rpm)30003600
Displacement (cc)15871587
CanopyPowder coatingPowder coating
Protection LevelIP 23IP 23
Noise at Normal Speed,23ft(7M)  dB(A)7375
Gasoline Consumption 100% Load  gal/hr(L/hr)3.6/13.73.9/14.6
LPG Consumption 100% Load  ft3/hr(m3/hr)445/12.6470/13.3
NG Consumption 100% load ft3/hr(m3/hr)212/6226/6.4
Unit Dimension (L×W×H)  in/mm59.06×32.32×37.68 /1500×821×95759.06×32.32×37.68 /1500×821×957
Net Weight ( kg)525530
20/40HQ Container (UNITS)14/3014/30